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About Us

The Chief Executive Officer at Uribank
Welcome to Uribank
Uribank is the first bank in the world to use cryptocurrency in operations.
 As you know, banking activities play a very important role in the world economy, but traditional banking activities always face the following limitations:
- High fees: Due to excessive intermediaries, traditional banks impose high fees on cross-banking and international wire transfers
- Long-awaited transfers: Bank transfers are based on several centralized nodes that often leads to slow transactions processing
- Territorial Limitations: Traditional banks are fenced by country boundaries
- Currency Barriers: Banks work only with classical currencies and do not allow to store and pay in crypto
Along with the development of cryptocurrencies and the huge demand for currency transactions around the world, we have established Uribank with the permission of the Department of Finance Canada.
Crypto-based transactions at Uribank will overcome the limitations of traditional banks such as:
- Low Fees: Blockchain platform allows to get rid of intermediaries and minimize transfer fees
- Instant Transfers: The decentralized platform can process more than 100,000 transactions per second and perform operations with a speed of 0.01 seconds.
- No Territorial Limits: Š”ryptocurrencies do not depend on country boundaries
- No Currency Limitations: Uribank is friendly to all fiat and cryptocurrencies. It is possible to store, to pay in cryptocurrencies, to conduct transfers and to take loans
Currently Uribank provides the following main services:
- Asset Side & Liability Side
- Fiat Currencies & Crypto Currencies
- Traditional Securities & Digital Assets
- Private Professional Clients & Institutional Clients
- Custody Storage
- Trading & Liquidity Management
- Asset & Wealth Management
- Transaction Banking
- Asset Tokenization
Regarding loans activities, we focus on:
 - Loan to businesses and individuals who are eligible to borrow in cryptocurrency
 - Loan to organizations with experience in the foreign exchange market
 - Invest in technology startup projects, projects on cryptocurrency with high applicability and reputation
As a new bank operating in the field of cryptocurrencies, we want all of you to be interested and join with us in making cryptocurrencies a major way of payment in the future.
Thank you very much

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Our office is located in a beautiful building and garden and fast growing city.

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